KurtSenser Instructional DVDs and Dance Clips


Kurt's Instructional Dance DVDs will teach you, step-by-step, the most popular social dance patterns, along with the technique to help you look and feel good. These helpful DVDs will allow you to grow your confidence and have fun all night long on the dance floor. Whether you have trained with Kurt in person or not, these instructional DVDs will allow you to learn some of the most popular dances and steps.

This Salsa Instructional Dance DVD is tailored to the following dance levels and include four (4) patterns to each part:


  • Basic
  • In Place Time Step
  • Back Basic
  • Side Step
  • Box
  • Travel Basic

Intermediate One: 

  • Under Arm Turn (UAT)
  • Cross Body Lead
  • (UAT) Hair Brush
  • Double Hair Brush

Intermediate Two: 

  • R-Hand Turn with Man’s Hair Brush
  • Cross Body Side by Side Turns
  • Hammer Lock
  • Hammer Lock Around the World

Intermediate Three:

  • 7/11 Turn
  • 7/11 Hand Change
  • 7/11 (HC) Hair Brush Shoulder Pass
  • Lady’s (HB) to Shadow Right Turn